Thursday, 11 August 2016

HotelAvailabilities Connected with

HotelAvailabilities channel manager in now connected with, with 2way XML Connection for managing all the rooms and rate plans for Availabilities, Rates, Restrictions and also import Reservations, Modifications and Cancellations. 
One way connection is also available, with two options: 1. OneWay Connection for rates, availabilities and restrictions and 2. OneWay connections for Reservations, Modifications and Cancellations. 

It is also supported the functions for informing for "Invalid Credit Card" and "Customer Non Show". These functions are available in the reservation section in the channel manager and the user do not have to go to extranet.

In addition the Credit Card details are available in the reservation section. CC details are encrypted and the user needs to have an extra password to have access.

To create an account and manage the sales channels through HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager, it is a very easy procedure. Just register for an account and get 15 days free.

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