Monday, 21 November 2016

The Role of a channel manager in the Hotel Business

According to Expedia review, more than 30% of the world's Hotels utilizing a channel manager, as a tool of distribution. Calculating all of the accommodation types, we can figure out that almost 20% of the properties are connected to a channel manager. The crucial point is to make clear what is the role of a Channel Manager in the Hotel Business and Operations?
After almost five years in the business, we can give may and different roles at a channel manager. Actually this is what the hoteliers saying, when asked to describe the role of it:

Connecting more channels and getting into a bigger market than with the traditional way (managing the property from the channel's extranet)
A tool to avoid mistakes and overbookings
A tool to make sure that there is rate parity
Anti-stress tool, by making the distribution and also the reservation management easier
Much more less time to work on channel management and have more time for providing a better quality service
Whatever is the role of the channel manager for a specific hotelier from all the above, only one thing is the common: Satisfied Hoteliers and Successful Hotels!

That is why HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager is working on this sector and provides all the necessary support to the hotels. We are here to assist you for entering the new age of hotel distribution!

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