Monday, 12 December 2016

Internet and Mobile for Hotel Distribution and Sales

In 2016 almost 34% of the e-commerce globally transactions made through mobile devices. It is a very important finding, in order to begin (or we should already thought about) thinking of how the hotel inventory distribution and sales should be organized.
When it comes to sales, there are two different issues the hoteliers should work on. The first is the online presence and exposure. Actually, is the use of the online sales and distribution systems, as well as the direct sales channels (website booking engine). Considering the direct sales channel (website booking engine) it is very important that the website will be mobile responsive, to allow the mobile device users make their reservations online. The importance of the online sales and distribution systems (OTA, Wholesalers, GDS, niche market OTAs, etc) is quite big and it has to do with the type of the property, the location and the seasonality it operates.

The next thing to take think about is the time of the reservation made. More than 65% of the reservations made via mobile device is made at the same time of the check in. This is also an issue that the hoteliers should take into account when setting the release days on the online distribution channels. It also has to do with the occupancy added in these channels or the pricing policy for the last minute reservations.
Last but not least, is the simplicity of the procedure of making the reservation from a mobile device. Having in mind that the most usable devices for mobile bookings are the smart phones, with all restrictions they may have in terms of screen, speed, safety, etc.
To get the best result of the online distribution and sales, it is quite easy! An expert can give the right advise for organizing all the above and get the best outcome. At HotelAvailabilities, the team has the background and the expertise to guide the hoteliers for getting the best results of the online market.

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