Wednesday, 13 September 2017

HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager is now connected with

The connection with Hostelworld is now ready, and can be used by the hoteliers.
Hostelworld Group is the largest online hostel-booking platform sparking social experiences around the world. 

Hostelworld travellers are a unique, passionate breed; they want to see the world, make new connections and crave the adrenaline of new adventures. They want to Meet The World, and it’s the social nature of hostels that turbo-charges their journeys and creates unforgettable memories.

Hostelworld has more than nine million reviews across 35,000 properties in more than 170 countries, making the brand the leading online hub for social travel. The website and mobile app operates in 19 different languages.

Contact the support team on [email protected] for more info and assistance.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

HotelAvailabilities is now connected with HotelREZ!

Our hoteliers are now able to proceed with the connection of their property via HotelAvailabilities ( to HotelREZ and manage their inventory and rates.
HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts ( is one of the world’s largest companies dedicated to marketing and connecting independent hotels to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) used by travel agents and corporate bookers; as well as the leading travel websites, the hotel’s own website and the HotelREZ call centre, all via one login to one system.

The HotelREZ sales and marketing team work with member hotels to increase reservations and revenue from new and existing geographical markets, and market segments, through the generation of corporate and consortia RFPs, by linking hotels to HotelREZ’s network of preferred travel agency partners, and through the inclusion of hotels in marketing campaigns to consumers, travel agents and MICE bookers around the world.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tailor Made Channel Manager

HotelAvailabilities is in the position to fit the channel manager exactly to the hotel's needs, according to specific functionalities and channel connections.
For Hotel Chains and also Hotel Management Companies, it is now easy to manage all of the hotels from just one account. You can create user accounts and give permissions to every hotel manager of receptionist for specific operations within the channel manager.

Having access in the HotelAvailabilities Multi Property Channel Manager you can:
  • Fully flexible and scalable system for business development
  • Simple to use platform
  • Price, availability Controlling, all contents from one entry point
  • Connecting hotels, GDS, online travel agencies and mobile reservations in one network
  • Multiple channel distribution is emphasized through the use of channel manager
  • Data can be stored in the hotel’s PMS, option to integrate different PMS or CRS

Thursday, 31 August 2017

What to expect from a Channel Manager?

When searching for tips about what to have in a channel manager, there are too many different lists of features and tips. Each one is written by developers of the channel manager, mentioning their own features! But, what is the most important to see in a channel manager, in order to make your work better?

  • Check the performance, the speed of updating the channels, as well as the success
  • Correctly distribute room inventory and rates amongst the different channel, including the direct channel.
  • High Reliability should be the number one attribute of a Channel Manager, as it is at the heart of the revenue management strategy of the hotel.
  • Able to manage all of the information of the reservation/modification/cancellation, just in one place (client extra requests, credit card details, offers, etc)
  • Flexibility, for managing the channels centrally or individually
  • Certified connections with both the Booking Engine and the PMS 
  • Secure XML connection
  • Connection with all the OTAs the hotel work with and/or the leading OTAs on your targeted markets
  • Specific chain features (i.e: update all hotels rates in one click)
  • The number of connectable OTAs and, most importantly, make sure that those OTAs fit your strategy (niche markets)
  • Local distributors that can be very influential in specific markets
  • Easy-to-read rate grids
  • Intuitive design, allow the user to do its job easily, and correct!
  • Support, Support, Support!!!

If the above are the ones in your list, then contact our team to guide you and present you with the right tool for your property. At HotelAvailabilities channel manager (, the team is here to support you, have the best solution.

Monday, 28 August 2017

What is a channel manager?

As the name suggests, channel managers allow properties to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels that their property sells through.

Hotel channel management system provides essential features to help the hoteliers manage the online distribution efficiently and quickly - without delays, errors, or parity problems. The streamlined features let the revenue or sales managers be more productive, as well as the hotel staff can log in to perform basic tasks with ease. With hotel channel manager, your channels are always up-to-date. Availability, prices and restrictions are sent automatically from the channel manager to the channels.

Overbooking will be a thing of the past. As availability is adjusted automatically, you do not need to do anything, whatever other reservations might be received. The channel management will keep availability in the channels always up-to-date no matter what. All of the reservations are placed in one place, in one easy to read format - regardless of which channel it came from. When reservations are received, inventory is lowered or closed across all of the channels automatically.

Summarizing, the basic operations of the channel manager are the following:

  • It easier the management of any sales channels.
  • Saves channel and sales management time 
  • Helps to increase bookings.
  • Allow maximization of profits.
  • Allow the idividual management of each channel
  • Allow full management of the details of the reservation (customer details, rooms, credit cards).
  • Prevents the overbookings
  • And finally, it automates the management of sales channels in the best possible way.

To explore more about the Hotel Channel Manager, just contact the team of HotelAvailabilities and they assist you with any question or guide you through to get the best technology for your property.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Why do you need a channel manager for your property?

Working with different online sales and distribution channels (OTAs) is a good option to create new sales opportunities in different markets at the same time, and increase the visibility of the property online. The problem is: each time we sign on a new OTA we find difficulties to manage inventory, rates, promotions and bookings from different extranets – also overbooking can increase!

The solution is the use of a Channel Manager to:
  • Manage different OTAs at the same time
  • Save Serious Time
  • More Visibility = More Sales
  • Mistakes are Costly. Avoid Them!
  • Integrate with the Property Management System
  • Create different scenarios for each channelTo have
  • Manage all reservation from a single screen

With HotelAvailabilities Cloud hotel channel management gives the flexibility to create different scenarios for each channel. Different availability, prices and restrictions are sent automatically from HotelAvailabilities to the channels.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

HotelAvailabilities Connected with is continuing the connections with sales and distribution channels, not only the general ones but also the ones targeting markets with specific needs. Such one is, which allows the tourists to interact with the hotels and get personalized offers based on what they dream.
On this way, the hotelier sells not only the room but also additional services. On the other hand, the guests can ask for specific services and book them direct with the hotel prior to the arrival. The hoteliers can register for an account on  

HotelAvailabilities Team tries to satisfy the special needs of the hoteliers in order to sell the most and cover any part of the market they desire. For more channels can check on, also for new connections. To get more information you can contact with the support team on [email protected]

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Channel Manager: Rationalizing the Hotel’s Inventory Distribution

Living on the Internet Era, and the appearance of huge number of Online Hotel Booking systems, the hoteliers facing a major problem to deal with. This problem has to do with the selection of the right online sales channels, for its hotel’s inventory distribution. 

Actually, the real problem is the rationalizing of the hotel’s inventory distribution. The most crucial problem is not only which channels to select to work with or how many channels to use, but it is WHY to select the specific channels and what will be the additional value they offer to my hotel’s distribution and sales? Each channel has its role in the Channel Mix:
  1. Drive Traffic.
  2. Produce sales
  3. Low commission
  4. Internet Exposure
  5. Reach Niche Market
  6. Pay at hotel option
  7. GDS connectivity
  8. Total Cost of the channel
  9. Fit with the hotelier’s policy
Taken in to account the above points, it will make the work for selecting process easier as well as rationalize the channels and the hotel’s inventory distribution. The most of the hoteliers do not think any of the above or just stick on the commission or what the rest of the hoteliers think about. This process it not just another step on selling, but a way to rationalize the online sales market in order to bring the highest profit.