Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Channel Manager: Rationalizing the Hotel’s Inventory Distribution

Living on the Internet Era, and the appearance of huge number of Online Hotel Booking systems, the hoteliers facing a major problem to deal with. This problem has to do with the selection of the right online sales channels, for its hotel’s inventory distribution. 

Actually, the real problem is the rationalizing of the hotel’s inventory distribution. The most crucial problem is not only which channels to select to work with or how many channels to use, but it is WHY to select the specific channels and what will be the additional value they offer to my hotel’s distribution and sales? Each channel has its role in the Channel Mix:
  1. Drive Traffic.
  2. Produce sales
  3. Low commission
  4. Internet Exposure
  5. Reach Niche Market
  6. Pay at hotel option
  7. GDS connectivity
  8. Total Cost of the channel
  9. Fit with the hotelier’s policy
Taken in to account the above points, it will make the work for selecting process easier as well as rationalize the channels and the hotel’s inventory distribution. The most of the hoteliers do not think any of the above or just stick on the commission or what the rest of the hoteliers think about. This process it not just another step on selling, but a way to rationalize the online sales market in order to bring the highest profit.

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