Monday, 28 August 2017

What is a channel manager?

As the name suggests, channel managers allow properties to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels that their property sells through.

Hotel channel management system provides essential features to help the hoteliers manage the online distribution efficiently and quickly - without delays, errors, or parity problems. The streamlined features let the revenue or sales managers be more productive, as well as the hotel staff can log in to perform basic tasks with ease. With hotel channel manager, your channels are always up-to-date. Availability, prices and restrictions are sent automatically from the channel manager to the channels.

Overbooking will be a thing of the past. As availability is adjusted automatically, you do not need to do anything, whatever other reservations might be received. The channel management will keep availability in the channels always up-to-date no matter what. All of the reservations are placed in one place, in one easy to read format - regardless of which channel it came from. When reservations are received, inventory is lowered or closed across all of the channels automatically.

Summarizing, the basic operations of the channel manager are the following:

  • It easier the management of any sales channels.
  • Saves channel and sales management time 
  • Helps to increase bookings.
  • Allow maximization of profits.
  • Allow the idividual management of each channel
  • Allow full management of the details of the reservation (customer details, rooms, credit cards).
  • Prevents the overbookings
  • And finally, it automates the management of sales channels in the best possible way.

To explore more about the Hotel Channel Manager, just contact the team of HotelAvailabilities and they assist you with any question or guide you through to get the best technology for your property.

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