Thursday, 31 August 2017

What to expect from a Channel Manager?

When searching for tips about what to have in a channel manager, there are too many different lists of features and tips. Each one is written by developers of the channel manager, mentioning their own features! But, what is the most important to see in a channel manager, in order to make your work better?

  • Check the performance, the speed of updating the channels, as well as the success
  • Correctly distribute room inventory and rates amongst the different channel, including the direct channel.
  • High Reliability should be the number one attribute of a Channel Manager, as it is at the heart of the revenue management strategy of the hotel.
  • Able to manage all of the information of the reservation/modification/cancellation, just in one place (client extra requests, credit card details, offers, etc)
  • Flexibility, for managing the channels centrally or individually
  • Certified connections with both the Booking Engine and the PMS 
  • Secure XML connection
  • Connection with all the OTAs the hotel work with and/or the leading OTAs on your targeted markets
  • Specific chain features (i.e: update all hotels rates in one click)
  • The number of connectable OTAs and, most importantly, make sure that those OTAs fit your strategy (niche markets)
  • Local distributors that can be very influential in specific markets
  • Easy-to-read rate grids
  • Intuitive design, allow the user to do its job easily, and correct!
  • Support, Support, Support!!!

If the above are the ones in your list, then contact our team to guide you and present you with the right tool for your property. At HotelAvailabilities channel manager (, the team is here to support you, have the best solution.

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