Friday, 25 August 2017

Why do you need a channel manager for your property?

Working with different online sales and distribution channels (OTAs) is a good option to create new sales opportunities in different markets at the same time, and increase the visibility of the property online. The problem is: each time we sign on a new OTA we find difficulties to manage inventory, rates, promotions and bookings from different extranets – also overbooking can increase!

The solution is the use of a Channel Manager to:
  • Manage different OTAs at the same time
  • Save Serious Time
  • More Visibility = More Sales
  • Mistakes are Costly. Avoid Them!
  • Integrate with the Property Management System
  • Create different scenarios for each channelTo have
  • Manage all reservation from a single screen

With HotelAvailabilities Cloud hotel channel management gives the flexibility to create different scenarios for each channel. Different availability, prices and restrictions are sent automatically from HotelAvailabilities to the channels.

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